It’s not worthy to drink wine, one that drinks it like water, say our growers, Bosnians. And it is so. Its production has historically invested a lot of knowledge, love, effort and patience to be easily understood. There are many legends about its origin. In each of these wines is called heavenly drink that delights in the correct amounts and heals people, inspiring artists.


Inspired the Nobel winner Ivo Andric so that in his novel “Omer Pasha Latas” the Herzegovinian Žilavka writes: “The precious wine hard, dry, and blessed area, as if a man drinks laughter and song after the third glass only with laughter and song welcomes the world around them. “That these words will stand on bottles of wine produced in Mostar, in the winery, “Imperial vineyards”.

Since 1886


Production, which meets international standards, in our winery, with the help of modern technology, conducted by centuries old recipe. Besides native, now the world’s most respected, varieties, here are first-class products and Vranac and Rose. Array of flavors are rich and Žilavka, Blatina and cormorants who were sentenced to some time in barrique barrels.

Guided by the quality as the only imperative in business we have produced limited amount of true satisfaction for all finest clientele wine and proudly put our stamp on Bosnia and Herzegovina. Best ambassadors of our country are ready for the world stage.


The awards that our wines have won over the past years in prestigious world wines. Here we have selected only some of the most rewarding awards that have been awarded to our wines.

By the centuries old recipe, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, a new generation of wines that will mark the future has been produced in the Mostar Wine Vineyard “Carski Vineyards”.

We are proud of the wines that are today highly positioned on European and Asian markets as worthy ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina.